Nesler Media - Abhorriable.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1 comment

He was big on hype, yet completely incabable of producing what we wanted.Don't waste your.

Just another jokester that got a camera, turned it on magically thinking that he was a DP of a hollywood studio. I'm so over this area. Lame followd up wiht more lame. I think my daugther had a better understanding of how it should go then he did.

In fact I think I'll just give here and etcha sketch and a lite brite and see what happens. Look at me look at me, I did. . .

not impressed.

I heard papa johns was hiring.Just a suggestion.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #634821

another *** with a camera.Stick with taking pictures of food with your cell phone and posting them on pinterest.

you're a joke.

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